Rare Earth Magnets

How to Utilize Rare Earth Magnets
rare earth magnets

Rare earth magnets have many useful applications. They are often used in manufacturing, health, scientific, structure, transportation, communications and the electronics industry. Since they’re rare compared to other kinds of magnets, rare earth magnets are much more powerful than their more abundant counterparts which makes them excellent for use in applications requiring strong magnetic fields.

Many people believe that rare earth magnets have properties which could make a magnetic force powerful enough to cause the motion of electrons in a substance. This effect was known as the”love bug” impact because many car owners believe their cars proceed more when they’re pushed by magnets. However, there’s no direct evidence to support this claim. It is thought by some scientists that the fascination effect between the magnets and the alloy may be a result of the existence of several water molecules. Another similar magnetic force is made by magnets when they’re placed near metal oxides with opposite polarity.

While rare earth magnets might not have any electrical conductive properties independently, they usually form a magnetic field through the use of some other substance. Most frequent materials that make up a magnetic field contain iron and steel, whereas rare earth metals like platinum and titanium create their own field due to their high electrical resistance. The strength of a rare earth magnets could be enhanced by an element with a higher electrical resistance and the existence of another substance that imparts a negative polarity into the magnetic field. Commonly used elements that increase the strength of a magnetic field comprise magnesium, titanium, boron, iron and zinc.

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